Ice Shack goes vegan!

An ice cream café in Manchester has recently changed their menu to 100% Vegan. The VIVA team went down to try some of the desserts out.

Located in Withington the Ice shack has said goodbye to their animal based products and have now gone vegan friendly.


The owner of the café explained that the change wasn’t to fit in with the popularity of veganism but was because of his own personal opinions.

After realising the reality behind the meat and dairy industry he decided to stop eating all animal products.

He then decided to stop selling their 75% dairy products in his café, replacing them with vegan ice cream, truffles, cakes and milkshakes.


There is a range over 20 types of ice creams and sorbets to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Classic flavours are on offer such as vanilla and salted caramel, which is one of the most popular options due to the immense creamy taste.

However, for those feeling a little bit spontaneous then why not try the quirky flavours such as rosemary and liquorice or the refreshing sorbet option gin and elderflower.


The owner commented, “We had costumers coming in and they couldn’t tell the difference between the normal and vegan ice cream”.

His family support the change, “My wife is already vegan and we are raising our adopted two year old daughter vegan too”, he stated.

Not only have they made a positive change in their life, but at the end of the year they are donating 10% of the profits from the shack to local charities. He explained, “We believe in being a positive influence in our community, we want to be more than just taking people’s money.

“I’ve gone through my stage of having a fancy sports car, the biggest TV, expensive trainers and now I’m just ready to make the world a better place in anyway I can”.

The Ice Shack certainly radiates positive vibes and is very welcoming to everyone.

The Ice Shack is a great addition to Manchester’s vegan scene. So if you choose to stay away from animal products or  if you just want a delicious dessert over the summer months then why not give Ice Shack a visit.


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