Sundara Karma Review

Reading’s band Sundara Karma left fans at Manchester’s Albert Hall in a state of excitement after their performance on Thursday 16th.


With the recent release of their debut album ‘Youth Is Only Fun In Retrospect’, the band have been busy touring with Indie band Two Door Cinema Club, whist also selling out their own UK tour.

Before Sundara Karma even came on the audience were all jumping frantically around causing a massive wave to ripple throughout the crowd causing people to topple over, by this point it was quite clear that the gig wasn’t going to be the quietest.

Before the band were let lose on the stage, a rainbow of large balloons were thrown into the audience creating a colourful scene of fans jumping up to try to hit the balloons higher into the sky. The smaller venue worked well for this as everyone felt involved.


As the boys took to the stage the first thing that was striking was the amount of gold glitter that the lead singer Oscar LuLu’s was wearing on his body. Oscar acted as a human disco ball for the rest of the evening, with a slight resemblance of Star Wars’ very own cp30.

A Young understanding’ opened the night, the up-beat tune encouraged everyone to let lose and jump around. The song was fitting to the night since the majority of their fans there were a younger audience.

The boys were definitely on fire as they performed their popular track ‘Flame’. Pink and purple lights filled the whole room, which was an ironic choice of colour since their music video for ‘Flame’ has a black and white theme. This could indicate that the boys like to show that the song can make you feel different emotions when they are performing live compared to recorded.


At times the songs were hard to fully hear by the band due to the majority of the fans screaming their lyrics back to them. It just shows how popular the boys have become.

Throughout the set girls could be seen sat on people’s shoulders flinging their arms about. The track ‘She Said’ was one of the best tracks live due to the hype of the song. The boys didn’t fail to impress anyone with their true musical talent.

The band filled the whole stage, dancing around, radiating energy.

The chant “Manchester La La La” could be heard from the audience as the band left the stage, showing off their true Manc sides. The scene could only be compared to Football fans at a match. They could only be settled down once the band returned to the stage.


It then looked like a wedding as confetti canons were set off causing a roar in the crowd whilst their last song of the set ‘Loveblood’ was performed. The audience made sure they clung onto every last word so they could end the night on a high.

The band are one not to miss and with them performing at ‘Dot To Dot’ festival in summer they are only going to get bigger in the Indie scene.



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