Saint Raymond- Young Blood Tour

Saint Raymond- Young Blood Tour


The 20 year old Callum burrows better known as ‘Saint Raymond’ has recently just finished his tour ‘Young Blood’ after he released his newest album earlier this year.

The indie singer started off by playing at small gigs around his home town in Nottingham, and gained popularity in 2013, after the track ‘Escapade’ was featured on Gabrielle Aplin’s Never Fade Records. After being a supporting act for Ed Sheeran’s Multiply Tour in 2014 he gained even more popularity. And has now successfully just finished his November- December tour.

One of the venues that Burrows performed at was O2 Ritz in Manchester. With this being the first time he has performed at this venue he was very excited and the audience could see this which created an even better atmosphere. Before Saint Raymond came on stage two supporting acts were on whilst people where still coming in and getting ready for the gig. The first act Shannon Saunders performed whilst people were still coming in. Even though she was an amazing singer the crowd didn’t really seem engaged as much as they should have been. This could have been just because they were still getting ready for the performance and or because her music was quite relaxed and so weren’t really tracks that people could dance to. She is defiantly one to look out for with her unique voice. The next support act that came on was Louis Berry who got the crowd going straight away with a mix of Courteeners/Arctic Monkeys/ Jake bugg music vibes. The Liverpudlian was very confident and this was clear to the audience as he engaged with them constantly.

Once Louis Berry left the stage it wasn’t long before Saint Raymond appeared. The crowd that was already lively from Berry’s performance and went even crazier when Burrows made a energetic entrance onto stage, and then began his set with track ‘letting go‘ from his new album ‘Young Blood’. Burrows also performed the his older track ‘Bonfires‘ as well as ‘Ghosts‘.


The crowds atmosphere was then taken to another level as soon as he performed the new track and tile of the album ‘Young Blood’. The excitable crowd then slowed down as the acoustic track ‘As We Are Now‘ was performed. This was then followed with Shannon Saunders appearing on the stage again to perform the entrancing track ‘Movie In Mind‘ with Burrows, which they had wrote together.

The singer then mixed things up then performing a cover of Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On‘ which the crowd loved. Along with performing new track ‘We Are Fire‘. Eventhough this was a new track the audience remained lively and the catchy track soon got people already singing along to the chorus.

Before leaving the stage Burrows then performed his his track ‘I Want You‘ and made the audience even more livelier as they were told to chant part of the chorus back to him. The indie singer then left the stage whilst the crowd continued to still sing the chorus. The chanting continued until Burrows then came back on stage for an encore of his hits, whilst mosh pit occurred in the audience. Callum repeatedly said how amazing the audience was being as the show came to an end. The show had something in it for everyone and so the atmosphere was fantastic throughout the whole set.






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