Cowherds Café – The uprise of Veganism.

Recently veganism is becoming more popular, whether this is for health reasons or ethical reasons a wider market is now open to cater for this diet. There are many vegan/ vegetarian options on menus and many cafés that specialise in these dietary requirements. Therefore, it is common these days for vegans/ vegetarians to be able to eat out without worrying if a food option will be provided for them. However the café Cowherds is very unique.

The quirky café is located in Salford just outside of Manchester and is in set out in a wagon. IMG_4061The owners were apparently inspired with the unique idea when they wanted to create healthy, vegan food, however they didn’t have enough money to actually do this as a typical café. So the Vegan wagon Cowherds was created. With the friendly staff and blankets provided for when people are cold creates a nice vibe for the customers, and makes the café even more special.

After speaking to the one of the founders of the café it became clear that not only do vegans visit the wagon but also non- vegans who are just wanting to eat healthy. The idea of the café wasn’t just to promote a vegan lifestyle but to promote healthy lifestyle. After seeing the health benefits of a vegan diet, the founders wanted to share this with others and decided to locate their café in Salford since it is their hometown.

The staff make sure the customers have a range of healthy fresh food to choose from. Each working day has a specific dish of the day, from Monday being coconut and lentil dahl to Friday being a delicious mushroom stroganoff. The café also specialises in a range of juices that are each made for specific purposes. With some being specially made for pro-workouts and others that specialise to cleanse your body. Deals are also on offer so that people are able to buy juices in bulk and feel the affects on their body more.

Too many people have ignored the facts of where their meat actually comes from. We know it has to be killed by someone, however not enough people actually know the state of the living conditions that these animals have to endure before being slaughtered. More people are now watching documentaries such as “Earthlings” which show the truths that occur in slaughterhouses and this is now enlightening the reality of our ignorance. This is changing a lot of people’s attitudes towards their diet, making them realise that meat doesn’t have to be their staple part of their meals. This exposure has also influenced celebrities and are now becoming promoters for veganism. Due to this i think more places like Cowherds café will do extremely well because the demand for vegan cafés is now higher.

Eventhough the café is quite new they already have quite a large following on social networking sites, such as Instagram (cowherds_cafe), Twitter (@CowherdsVegCafe) and Facebook. They also have a their own website which is increasing the cafes popularity. Their social networking is always up to date and they are constantly posting images of their products. Since there is two main sides to the cafe because they don’t just focus on veganism they also focus on promoting a healthy life style which will also increase their amount of customers. 









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