University Expectations Vs Reality

After recently moving to Salford University i have had chance to reflect on what i once believed “uni life” would be like, and compare it to what it’s actually like.


I have discovered that University you will make new friends who share similar interests to you, along with people who are completely different to your normal friends. This however can be a very good thing and open you to new experiences and opportunities that may shape you life. Although, i also think its important to keep your old friends as well because, especially in my case, they are your family and no one else can replace that relationship.

When looking around Universities you will also have to take into account whether you will be commuting or whether you will want to live at Uni. I looked around a few but fell in love with Peel Park Quarter. The prices of accommodations vary, however, I think the money is worth it if you really want a nice home for time at Uni. Where ever you choose to live though, the people around you will make your flat become a home. I have been really lucky with my flatmates as they were all really welcoming and we have become a family away from home.

One of the main struggles of a students life is expected to be money problems which norMoney-poundsmally leads to food problems. This is expected since we are having to spend £9.000 a year for the course and then pay for travel and accommodation on top of that. However, Grants and loans are at hand that enable the students money problems to be a lot less daunting. If you manage your money successfully as well as  hopefully getting a job then your expectations of money problems will never become a reality.

One of the main expectations of “uni life” is the night life, especially freshers. The expectations for many people is that as soon as you go to uni you will have to drink alcohol all the time and go out. However, even though this is true for many people, i have recently found out that there is a lot of students who don’t enjoy going out at night and so it is easy for them to stay in and enjoy doing other activities that are more suited to them. Although, the expectations are also true because throughout the course of freshers you can have some amazing nights with your friends.

Obviously, the main reason for attending University is the degree that you have chosen to study for the next few years. choosing a degree is a hard decision and people expect it to be a lot of hard work. This expectation however, is going to be reality. You have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to succeed in your degree, however the outcome will be worth it in the end. Don’t worry though just make sure you chose the right course for you!

Sam Rooke


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